Gathering of the Rainbow People

The Eagle Dance is a ceremony based on the Amerindian Tradition dreamed and adapted to the present time, based upon the 5 directions of the medicine wheel cosmology. It’s a transcultural event that through a transpersonal process proposes tools for personal development and consciousness awakening. During a 10 days period of immersion, the knowledge’s foundations are transmitted. This allow us to align our connection with spirit and restore the personal mythology.

Sylvie Shining

The Eagle Dance balances body, heart, mind and spirit through transformations of neurologic patterns allowing the transformation of bad habits and negative recurring behaviours. This process restores the well-being and so, regenerates the vital energy, enthusiasm, solidarity and cooperation between all human beings. In a broader vision, this creates an intimate relation with ourselves and the preservation of all life forms.

eagle-dance-preparation-2Wambli Gleshka  or Tatsu (Eagle) is called for its vision and determination qualities. Its power activates and reinforces the intent’s precision of each prior prayer invocation in this ceremony. Throughout the Eagle vision, the Dancers recover the right attitude to create their own destiny and explore their mind in an infinite space, free of limitations, separations and conditions.

Why we dance for?


  • We dance for the connection with the Great Spirit, Wakan Tanka, the Deep Mystery
  • We dance for the Sacred Mantel of the Mother Earth
  • We dance to align our consciousness and to expand the Light
  • We dance in honour of human diversity, our cultures, nationalities, traditions and religion differences
  • We dance to the end of the dogmas, judgements and to the truth that there is only one way : the one from the heart and to the freedom
  • shining-danseWe dance for personal and collective healing
  • We dance to face our everyday challenges
  • We dance to the end of ignorance and suffering, to the end of our negativity, conflicts, wars, the world misery, and to the end of personal and collective destruction
  • We dance to the end of the competition, the rivalry and the power struggle between man and woman
  • We dance for peace and the unity of our polarities
  • We dance to manifest our Sacred Dream
  • We dance with gratitude for those who went before us, the ancestors and we dance for our personal ancestors, friends, family and all those we love
  • We dance for the next seven generations of children


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