Valise héréditaireThe future generations are called upon to question numerous ways and belief systems acquire through centuries from our genealogical tree ancestors.

In our everyday life, we live totally devoid of personal search that inquires where we came from and who we are in our essence.

This knowledge is called Heritage Bag by the Ancient Wisdom, it offers different levels of knowledge about comprehensions of the self and about aspects of the conscious and unconscious self operating systems.

Heritage bag aims to recognise and identify the negative patterns, behaviours and attitudes in our piled up memories; frees and transforms everything that is necessary to develop a new innovative posture in our existence.


Workshop structureValise généalogique

  • Heritage Bag theoretical teachings.
  • Consciousness exploration with Drum in order to discover the necessary changing patterns.
  • Exploration questionnaire to draw upon during and after the workshop.
  • Power Ritual where each participant take possession of what it is its own, manifesting after, the personal fulfilment of walking a new path.