Medicine wheel cosmology or The awakening of our true

In the essence of Medicine Wheel Cosmology elements, there are five types of “Non Duality Light” that represents the foundation of the Millennial Amerindian Wisdom.

The Medicine Wheel Cosmology it is one of the fundamental principles, and also a simple and powerful tool that allows all human beings to access the universal knowledge that is connected to the human structure. The Wheels in its extensive complexity offers tools and techniques to interpret the world we are living in, through numerous enlightening keys found in this knowledge. Its origin goes back centuries of research channelling and compiling from the wisdom of the Lineages.

The elements transform earth energy into water, they dissolve water into fire, they activate fire into air, and they boost air into the space. The foundations of science, medicine, astronomy, anatomy, psychology and other areas of studies have their roots in the diverse complexity of the ample Cosmology. Furthermore, when we are referring to the study of this Cosmology we can say that it is close to the understanding of modern alchemy because all our planetary constitution was borne from this Ancient Wisdom which upon all our world is based. Over the same elements offered by the Wheel of Life, we attain a fundamental metaphor that helps us to explain the dynamic connections between all areas of studies within the recognition of our true nature.

This teaching has an infinite quantity of possibilities in order to acquire more accurate information about our true nature, what propitiates the development of our consciousness turning us into faster, skilful and brilliant humans.


  • The workshop is for everybody who follows the self-realization path in the quest of deeper life understanding and the meaning of life.
  • It is to all pupils of “The Sweet Eagle Tribe” that dedicate themselves for years with the purpose of developing the cognitive foundations to personal initiations.
  • It is to all that follow the numerous Amerindian traditions.
  • And all who have engaged in an INIPI (Sacred Sweat Lodge), The Eagle Dance, Vision Quest or any other initiatory ritual, can rely on the Medicine Wheel Cosmology as the foundation to the understanding of the Red Path.