Unity path

7 flèchesThe Ancient Amerindian Philosophy has a global perception of human beings bringing in its teachings effective ways of how to deal with consciousness and the development of consciousness beyond the duality.

The human mind work with conscious and unconscious associations generating as many light webs as dark ones. By knowing how shadow webs are concatenated, from the denial of our own autonomy in human experience, we become capable of transcending any ego illusionary empowerment generated from the dark arrows.

The seven dark arrows cycle when is incessantly repeated drives us to life suffering and reflects it in all our relations. Each dark arrow thrown bleeds the next and when we are caught by it, highlights the blindness of our own light.

By the spontaneous choice and lucid observations of the personal and collective challenges, Man and Woman of knowledge recognise their own spontaneous will to be free. They choose to transform the dark arrows into light arrows in order to reach self-realization.

The Elders remind us that until we don’t know the darkness, we are also not able to see the light. It is easier to see the darkness inside the light than to see the light inside the light. The mind only way to define light is to incorporate some darkness content and the only way to define darkness it is to include some light content.

Workshop structure

  • Teachings about
    • the Seven Light Arrows (7 conscious qualities of light – Dharma),
    • Seven Dark Arrows (7 dark qualities of the Ego empowerment, all its domination mechanisms and fragmented patterns – Karma),
    • Seven Rainbow Arrows (7 intermediate choice possibilities to go from the darkness to the Pure Light Path – Unity).
  • Ludic/Perceptive spiritual practice through a personal arrow and bow making grounding our capacity to express who we are in the physical world.