the seeker is carried by the Spirit force, in prayer invocations on the top of the mountain, quieting the mind in the infinite consciousness. Rescuing the vital energy in the vision quest, it is revealed the seeker place of power in the Life Wheel, creating the possibilities and opportunities to go back to everyday life reconciled with the impossible. Where the Quest finishes the Vision installs

Sylvie Shining

Hanbleceya or Vision Quest is a Rite of Passage brought by the Old Amerindian Wisdom in many different continents, cultures and philosophies.

Throughout the illumination journey here on Earth, Enlightened Masters like Buda and Jesus experienced Rites of Passages, going into long periods of silence and deep meditational states to become part of the Great Spirit Light.

QuĂŞte de visionHealth professionals as like as healers, shamans and Jungian psychologists mourn intensively about Rites of Passage loss in society, because they recognise the transcendental power preparing people to choose their life path with clarity of mind, comprehension, emotional and mental balance.

Hanbleceya aim is to develop the capacity to exclude oneself from everyday life in order to silence the internal dialogue and the incessant emotional influx that we live every day. Through successive and spontaneous psychic deaths during the Vision Quest routine it happens a personal rebirth with new perspectives in life.shining

To hear the call to go up the mountain or into the cavern it is an invitation to deepens oneself into the unknown, where the ego and all its facets capacity of letting go become the principal intention of a true interior quest.

Experience structure

  • Teachings
  • Inipi
  • 4 days and night fasting secluded in a mountain. (Water is allowed)

Rite of the Cavern

Today, human beings question attitudes, postures, behaviours and polarity conflicts in front of a society that has forgotten its purpose. From archaic cultures up to our contemporary world, the woman is the foundation of conception and from her life force many possibilities open up to support the life balance. The woman need periods of seclusion to meditate, dream and elaborate new projects in benefit of the community. There are varied ways to be secluded from the social context and one of them it is the Rite of the Cavern. This rite reconciles the woman with all her parts intertwining herself with The Divine Mother.

Experience structure

  • Teachings, INIPI, 4 days and nights fasting in an immersion period in the cavern. (Water is allowed)

Hanbleceya and the Cavern ritual are rites that aim the same goal: the inner silence and the discovery of oneself.

During numerous days’ period of immersion boys would go to the top of a mountain to do their Quest intertwining their internal vision with the tangible world. Girls would go inside a cavern in search of their connection with the Profound Feminine for a period of 4 days and 4 nights.