The cure greatly desired by all human beings is a free choice that belongs to the individual only.
Sylvie Shining

Since the beginning of times, Ancient Wizards and Witchdoctors built the Medicine Wheel with specific symbols. They were made by stones or wood strategically put into specific directions combined with the elements and powers interconnecting all Creation dimensions.

Roue médecine

The Medicine Wheel is an Ancestral Amerindian Tradition. It is a profound transformation of traumas, pains, abuses and violence stored on us. In the Ancient Medicine, it is called Spirit Retrieval. It is the rescue of the soul which brings back what was lost, forgotten, fragmented or dilacerated in the first time that unbalance was installed in different areas of life.

The Medicine Wheel is a spontaneous and unique experience where all dense, dark and obscure aspects are mirrors of what we carry life after life. It is after a long ritualistic process done by healers that it is revealed a diagnostic to start the healing process.