Sacred Sexuality and the Art of Love

Sacred Sexuality and Tantra are ancient philosophies of the Art of Love based in channelling the Pure Light tangible in the world. The sexual energy is the life force available from the Sacred Fire. This energy is the foundation of all creativity, it is able to be manifested through the Art of Love as much as in the conception of a new being or in kundalini awakening. It is the most powerful energy of a human being.

Sexualité sacréeSacred Sexuality and Tantra have the same point of view that no apprenticeship is complete without profound knowledge of the subjacent sexual principles to all existence. The metaphysic eastern traditions use the mysteries of sexuality as a way to a transcendental experience of Unity. The communion sensation achieved during and after sacred sexual relations it is a mystic experience most accessible universally.

All the elements and experiences in the world are found in Man and Woman. When they meet and combine these experiences and elements, a spiritual vision and an immediate harmonization with the dynamic subjacent Unity to all reality, may happen. For several centuries, the perception of Unity was obscured by individuals and institutions that promote the split between body, heart and mind among religious feelings and sexuality.

amorThe fear of mysticism was overshadowed by the fear of the liberation power inherent to human sexuality. Therefore, it is through sacred sexual union that the ecstatic and uplifting mystic experience can be attained by all who love. This ecstatic experience favours a spontaneous spiritual perception that dissolves conventions and retrieves the soul in direction to the Source.

The Sacred Sexuality knowledge combined to Amerindian Wheels and eastern Tantra practises creates the possibility of transcending taboos, fears and dogmas, which we consciously and unconsciously carry by liberating the heart energy into the ultimate soul encounter between partners.

Workshop structure

  • Theoretical teachings about Sacred Sexuality, its origin and ways of application.
  • Theoretical presentation of the postures, symbols and aspects of masculine and feminine sexuality developing the understanding of these two energies’ movement.
  • Theoretical explanation about individual sexual energy practises and ceremonies structured combined to Amerindian Medicine Wheel Cosmology.