deesseThe Profonde Feminine – Spiritual practises

In the beginning, the omnipresence of the Great Mother Earth is the creative principle of the Universe orchestrating the perpetuation of the Sacred Universal Laws between Heaven and Earth.

The Sacred Body of Great Mother Earth was fragmented, mutilated and exiled around the four corners of Earth. Each of the pieces is an aspect of the Profound Feminine found in each woman. By restoring these qualities each woman rebirths in her inner womanhood. Over rituals, legends, ancient histories, the woman recovers the way back to the feminine essence restoring all parts of the Sacred Body of Mother Earth.

P1160640In immemorial times, women have expressed divinity and equanimity parameters reverencing the Cycle of Life (gestation) and Death (time of the moon – menstruation), and all infinite creational possibilities in each Moon.

When we restore all lost connections of our feminine force we achieve a deep understanding of our ancestral being.

Workshop structure

  • Greek Goddess Archetypes’ Teachings.
  • Consciousness exploration with Drum.
  • Creative acting with costumes, paintings and masques in order to manifest conscious and unconscious aspects of the Goddess.