The 13 Original Clan Mothers is the groundwork of the Profound Feminine principles incarnated on Earth.

This powerful movement of complicity between women (sisterhood) it was manifested in order to cure women’s vital force connected to the dream of the Great Mother of Origins. Conseil des Anciennes This intention when personified in the material dimension conducts to abundance, beauty, peace, creativity and unconditional love through initiatory rituals.

These teachings and ancestral rituals from the Millennial Amerindian Wisdom are priceless and have the sacred nature to it. They carry us back to the place of our origin in the deeper and most sensitive aspects of our soul therefore stimulating our perception about internal and external worlds.

The presence of this ancient knowledge it is the breath necessary to live our Sacred Dream in the tangible world and then the foundation to express integrated and unified truths of our heart sustained by the Universal Sacred Laws. Each piece of these teachings is a rebirth, a new way to perceive, touch and being touched by life itself.P1210215

Women we rebirth each cycle and The 13 Original Clan Mothers is a life path to recognise the presence of the Sacred Feminine in ourselves. The integration of these teachings it is manifested throughout the alchemical process of the “healed healer” it allows the lifting of vibrations and the flourishing of light to humanity.


The tuition proposed by Sylvie Shining belongs to an infinite light spiral. In the end of each 13 Original Clan Mother cycle concluded it begins a new movement in personal evolution that is registered in our Wheel of Life deepening and assimilating the teachings remembering us our abilities and talents.femmes-2

In the end of the 13 Moons cycle all women who finishes the whole process holds knowledge and foundational tools to live in beauty, happiness and love in her own existence, home, with close friends, love and professional relationships.



This invitation is to all women who have been introduced to this knowledge before and to all who haven’t yet. To the ones who have gone through the whole process before, it is an opportunity to revisit the 13 Original Clan Mothers teachings and return to the Source, discovering the up to date knowledge proposed by Sylvie to each Clan Mother.

Initiatory tuition proposal for the 13 Original Clan Mothers teachings:

  • Discover and rediscover the 13 Original Clan Mothers’ knowledge in theory and practise.
  • Acquire concrete tools and practises in a simple language that allows each woman restore harmony in all dimensions – spiritual, mental, emotional and physical – by revitalising all bodies and liberating everyday life accumulated toxins.
  • Integrate new ceremonies, exercises, consciousness exploration, meditations, practises and innovative explorations to each of the 13 Clan Mothers.
  • Learn how to apply Amerindian Medicine Wheels to work each particular aspect of the 13 Clan Mothers.