Since old times, when humanity walked with its full perception potential, the wise man and woman felt the necessity to create ceremonies. These were acts that amplified occasions of profound transformation throughout a life cycle.

saudacaoThey were about moments that marked the biological human course: conception, birth, puberty, marital union, maturity, menopause ritual and death. In each particular change individuals were introduced to new roles in society and their contribution to the Whole was redefined.

Through an intrinsic connection to other dimensions, The Elders, according to each tradition, culture and historic period, they dreamed rituals that would help people to find their life purpose.

The ceremony is a precipitation and reconfiguration of the cellular body that is scientifically proven today.


In the oldest civilizations, rites of passage were part of their customs. Each tradition had its own way to celebrate and perform these powerful rituals of life preparation.

During numerous days’ period of immersion boys would go to the top of a mountain to do their Quest intertwining their internal vision with the tangible world. Girls would go inside a cavern in search of their connection with the Profound Feminine for a period of 4 days and 4 nights.

In modern days, human beings question attitudes, postures, behaviours, polarity conflicts against a society that lost its purpose. The purpose of taking responsibility for all life forms, accentuating maturity aspects when beginning a new life cycle.

These rites start at adolescence and can be experienced at any age.

In Amerindian traditions man and woman at 52 years of age initiate the Elders Cycle. Through a powerful ritualistic act the person seals this initiation to the Universe.